in the beat of a heart

a book by john whitfield

This is the place to find the notes and extended reference list for In the Beat of a Heart.

There is also a link to my list on the online reference manager Connotea, on which I am trying to post new references relevant to the book's themes as they are published.

There's also a link to my LibraryThing site, which contains a list of (most of) the books I used, and some photos showing some of the places I travelled to in the name of research. Finally, there's the links page and a list of corrections below, updated as and when my errors become apparent.


Collecting... identifying...and processing plant specimens in the Costa Rican cloud forest.


collecting samples
collecting samples

Processing plant specimens with Brian Enquist's group. (L to R: Jason Pither, Drew Kerkhoff, Nate Svensson, Brian Enquist and Brad Boyle.)

processing samples metabolic rate testing

The author tries to relax while his resting metabolic rate is measured.

cloud forest in costa rica

The cloud forest in Costa Rica.


Page 41, line 22.
Discussing Bergmann's rule, I say that Arctic foxes are "considerably bigger than the red foxes that live in my London garden". If that's so, I must have unusually small foxes, because the two are actually about the same size (some sources say the Arctic is slightly smaller). This comparison was just a foolish brainstorm on my part, although Arctic foxes are the smallest mammals on Spitzbergen.

Page 69, line 2.
Tusko died at 9:40 a.m., not 10:40 as stated in the text.